Feature Review: The Christian Café Matchmaking Process
15 November 2023, 08:15

When it comes to online dating, Christian Café has all the right ingredients to help you find your best online dating match. Some online dating users want to have very detailed control over their searches, whereas others like a more informal approach. Whatever your preferences are in finding your online dating match, Christian Café has you covered. Let’s look at the different features Christian Café offers in their matchmaking process.

What is the Christian Café Matchmaking Process?

Let’s start at the beginning, what exactly is matchmaking? Matchmaking is a process of matching two individuals together, often for the sole purpose of creating marriages. Matchmaking was most often a profession, and dates back centuries. Matchmaking has been seen in many ways in cultures around the world.

One example of matchmaking could be seen at formal and informal dances where matchmakers were hired (by their client, often a man) to try and pair up two people to see if they got along well. Matchmaking has always had more of a focus on romantic love, rather than on the assets of the male suitor. For many centuries people married based upon their social status and personal economy. Professional matchmakers had to take these factors into consideration as well but focused mainly on helping their clients to find romantic love.

Christian Café has created a matchmaking process to not only help you find your best match, but to also allow you to determine how much control you want to have in that process. In an array of online dating sites, Christian Café has helped its users streamline the process of finding their online dating match with ease. They understand the importance of not only finding love but finding it in the way that works best for you.

There are four different matchmaking processes offered within the Christian Café site: quick match, advanced search, saved searches, and forum message boards. All four of these processes assist online dating users to find their special match by using the feature, or combination of, that works best for them. Let’s look a deeper look into each of these features to see how they work and how they will help you to find your best online dating match.

Quick Match

This is a matchmaking tool which gives you matches based upon the following criteria: level of faith, location, age, type of relationship you want (casual dating, just curious, seeking marriage, etc.). Just as it sounds, the quick match feature quickly shows you matches who meet this basic criterion. This feature is best for those just getting their toes wet with online dating. If you want to get to a more specific match, then the next feature advanced search will be more your speed.

Search Advanced Matchmaking

If you are seeking more specific criteria with your online dating matches, then the Christain Café advanced search feature is for you. With this feature, you are able to search for more detailed preferences for other online dating users. Some of the items you are able to search include: church involvement, physical appearance, church denomination, and smoking and drinking habits. This more specific search criteria can help to eliminate less compatible matches and save you time and headaches.

Saved Searches

One of the coolest matchmaking features available on Christain Café is their saved searches function. With this feature, you are able to create five unique searches and save each set of search criteria. For example, maybe you have one set of search criteria to include online dating matches who do not drink at all and are at least 5’ 10” in height, and another for matches who only drink occasionally and meet the same height requirements.

Another great aspect of the saved searches function is that you can set the frequency for which you receive email notifications based upon the different saved searches. Your email messages will also designate which specific search the online dating matches came from. This is a great way to interact with the Christian Café platform and see your specific matches when and how you want.

Christian Forums Message Board

One of the most unique matchmaking features on any dating website is Christian Café’s message-board style chat groups. Unlike most chat groups, these forums are used specifically by Christain singles who are looking for their Christian match. The forum discussions offer a great way for online dating users to get to one potential matches by how they interact with other people on various topics.

The Christian Café Forums are divided into three different topics each with their own separate subjects. The three forum topics are dating and relationships, general interest, and Christianity. These forums allow you to get to know other members on a deeper level and to do more than just find love, to build new friendships. Let’s look more at each individual forum and some of the subjects they cover.

Dating and Relationships

In this forum topic, there are great subjects covered which are tailored to help single Christians to have a better understanding and experience with online dating. Subjects included are: Ask Men, Ask Women, Single Parents, Critique My Profile, Fifty Plus, 30 to 49, Under 30, and Over and Under. Each niche discussion group helps to meet the more specific needs of the online dating user and helps to answer their questions. Members are always welcome to post new subjects for discussion inside any of the forums.

General Interest

This forum is much broader in its discussions as subjects range from current events to cooking and recipes. This is the forum where you can talk with other Christian Café online dating users about their health and fitness goals and advice; or you could get into a discussion over the greatest movies of all time. Whatever sports team is your favorite, you can find a message board with other Christian singles chatting about it in the general interest forums.


The last message board is the Christianity message board forum. The discussion subjects you can chat about in this forum with other Christian Café online dating users could be about their current Bible study, devotional, or even their praise reports. This is the message board forum where more deep philosophical conversations tend to take place. If deep conversations is your thing, then you can find some message boards in this feature where you will feel right at home with people who think the same way you do.

The Wrap Up

If you are just getting familiar with the Christian Café website, you may opt to start with the quick match feature. If you are an online dating pro, then the saved searches functionality may be your go-to option. The discussion forums offer a great in-depth way to get to know potential online dating matches in a relaxed environment. With Christian Café, whatever level of online dating you may be seeking from casual dating to marriage, you will find the right matchmaking feature, or combination of, to help you achieve your goals.

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